The Best Sleepwear Fabrics To Stay Cool In The Summer


It’s a balmy evening in July, and you’re struggling to fall asleep. Your body feels like a furnace – suffocated and constricted from the heavy garments made for the frigid winter months. A bead of sweat drips down your face, and suddenly you realize it’s time to change into something more comfortable. Today, we’re going to discuss the best sleepwear fabrics to help you stay cool during the summer.


Hand-picked from the cotton plant, this fiber is both lightweight and breathable. It’s no surprise many apparel giants have opted to create cotton nightgowns, underwear, and sleepwear. It’s a little bit more expensive compared to other materials, but it’s worth spending a bit of extra money. For those who suffer from sensitive skin, cotton is the best material because it doesn’t cause irritation while absorbing excess moisture.


Also, an invention of the 20th century, polyester is a blend of synthetic materials. It creates a soft, durable, and affordable clothing option for millions of Americans. This fiber is an excellent choice for those who live in humid conditions, especially on a balmy summer evening.



Synthesized from cellulose, this textile is the first non-natural fiber on the list. Invented in the early 1900s to combat the increasing prices of silk, rayon has boomed in popularity over the last century. It’s durable and is perfect for individuals who live in dry climates because it’s not the best at absorbing water and moisture.


This material is the epitome of luxury because it’s soft to the touch and feels almost weightless. Harvested from silkworms that live in mulberry trees, humans have been cultivating silk for thousands of years. This fiber tends to be very pricey, but so soft incredibly comfortable. If you’re thinking about saving to buy a silk pajama set, it’s well worth it.

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