How To Care For Your Bathrobe Against Wear And Tear

A bathrobe is an essential item in your wardrobe. It’s perfect to wear around the house after a relaxing hot bath, or while you’re doing your hair and makeup in the morning before work. But how do you care for your robe against wear and tear? Today we’re breaking it down for you in this simple guide.


It’s crucial to wash your bathrobe regularly, especially if it’s worn on a daily basis. Just like any other item in your closet, dirt and moisture can get trapped in the fabric and create a range of unwanted odors and an overall unhygienic situation.

We recommend heading to the store to purchase a premium brand of laundry detergent. The cheap discount detergent can actually irritate your skin and cause the material of the robe to become more texturized and rough.

Make sure to wash the robe in warm or cold water on a gentle setting. If the robe is a light color like red or pink, use cold water in this situation. Warm water may cause the color to bleed out and stain other garments.

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A great way to protect your robe from wear and tear is to air dry it once it’s been washed. Let it dry on either a coat hanger or clothes rack for a few hours. This is the safest method, and it’s better for the environment and your electricity bill!

If you’re keen on putting it in the dryer, make sure it’s on the lowest temperature setting to avoid shrinkage. This is critical if your bathrobe is made out of cotton, as the dryer can shrink the size by nearly 30 percent! We do not recommend hanging your bathrobe outside. The harsh rays from the sun can cause the color of the robe to look faded, old, and worn out.


We all love a good sale, but it’s important to distinguish whether you’re buying a quality garment or a cheap piece of fabric produced in a factory. We advise our clients to read the label and only purchase robes made from polyester, cotton, or faux fur. These materials are durable and affordable, so you’ll be making a wise investment.

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Minor Issues 

Sometimes our favorite clothing items rip or tear after a few months of use. This is normal to an extent, especially if you’re wearing a bathrobe on a daily basis. A seamstress or a tailor can quickly fix a small rip or tear, and it shouldn’t cost you too much money either. If you’re feeling brave, you could always learn how to sew yourself by following this DIY tutorial.

Follow these tips and tricks, and your bathrobe will withstand the test of time. If you’re thinking about buying a robe, check out Cozy & Curious’ gorgeous collection on Amazon, featuring a range of stunning styles and patterns to suit your taste.