A Modern Girls’ Guide To Being Fashionable And Comfortable

Ladies, it's a tough job balancing both style and comfort. We've all had those cringe moments when we leave the house feeling great and confident only to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the storefront window and think "what was I thinking!" Maybe it's not the look you imagined, or perhaps the look is fine, but the material is intolerably itchy and uncomfortable - it's difficult to get it all right...but not impossible.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you achieve both a fashionable and comfortable style.


Purchase Neutral Colors

When it comes to fashion, opt for neutral colors so you won’t have an issue mixing and matching different pieces together. Neutral pieces also look great throughout every season, so you don’t have to worry about constantly updating your wardrobe.


Look For Soft Fabrics                                     

If you’re going to dress comfortably, you’ve got to be a smart shopper. Read the labels to see what you’re buying and choose polyester, cotton, or jersey blends. These fabrics will ensure you're comfortable throughout the day, and you won't be too stuffy or itchy. 


Buy One Size Larger

Ever heard of the boho-chic trend? Popularized by the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller, this look involves layering over oversized pieces. We suggest buying cardigans, shawls, and sweaters that are one size larger to achieve this style. Pair it with your favorite black leggings and a dash of red lipstick — you’ll be fashionable and cozy all day long!


Always Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

This sounds random, but cold water will make your clothes last long and will prevent the color from fading. Tumble-dry your clothes on a low-heat setting and your clothes will feel comfy throughout the day.


Combine Nightwear With Outerwear

It’s no secret that nightwear is very soft and cozy, and you’ll find many celebrities rocking robes as fashion statements. From Rihanna to Rita Ora, many influencers are rocking loungewear as outerwear.


If you’re thinking about replicating this style, you can always check out Cozy and Curious’ collection of robes and pajamas. Made with soft fabrics, you can accessorize one of our robes with a pair of flats and a bit of nude lipstick. You'll look like you're straight out of an episode of Gossip Girl.  


Stay Away From Too Tight Clothing

This tip is self-explanatory. Tight clothing can be flattering, but too tight is definitely not.  Skinny jeans are always a closet staple, but they must fit right and compliment your body type.


Dresses that flow

A maxi dress is a great (and comfortable) option for all sorts of occasions.

If you want to wear this look for dinner or a date, pair a neutral-colored dress with a lightweight cardigan. Finish off the look by applying a bit of dewy foundation and a splash of blush for a flirty yet classy ensemble.


After reading this blog, you’ll never have to stress about balancing both comfort and style again! Just remember to pick up some Cozy and Curious loungewear to complete your look. Visit our website and Instagram to check out our latest collection and trending styles.